Meet Kaitlin & Allan.

and their amazing bear/dog, Chase.

Ordinary people (well, one of us) overcoming extraordinary circumstances, determined to live a life well lived. Fueled by a passion for wellness, a lot of laughter, even more love and a certainty that the best is yet to 'bee.'

We are the brain & the bee.


Meet Kaitlin

Just call her the bee... Always buzzing and busy. On a mission to create the sweeter things in life.

A New Hampshire native who moved to the sea and never looked back. Fueled by a passion for empowering people with better health (and if we are being honest, an excessive amount of coffee), she is eager to help you reach your goals as a National Board Certified Health Coach through Emory University.

You can usually find her teaching a cycling class, at the beach, buried in the latest personal development book or working with a local non-profit or smothering her dog with unrequited love.

A firm believer in the power of gratitude, looking silly and puppy snuggles. She is certain that there is nothing a little sunshine, saltwater, a good sweat session, or the perfect slice of pizza and a cold glass of wine can't fix... (it's all about balance, right?)

Interested in working with Kaitlin?... Shoot her an email at kaitlincfitzgerald@gmail.com or stop by Kaitlin Fitzgerald Health & Wellness Coaching to get started on your journey to becoming your happiest and healthiest self!




Meet Allan

The BRAIN (and the brawn) of our operation.

A Charleston, SC native and lover of all things sports, great outdoors and chocolate. As an avid athlete, Allan has always had a passion for movement and fitness, but it wasn't until he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury in 2016 that he truly learned how incredibly powerful the body and mind can be.

From running marathons to re-learning how to walk, Allan is a living, breathing example that there is no such thing as an impossibility... He attributes much of his odds-defying recovery and continued progress to his level of fitness before his injury, but more importantly to his overwhelmingly positive and goal-oriented mindset (all that kale Kaitlin makes him eat probably doesn't hurt either), so much so, that he has earned the nickname #SuperAllan, given his straight up super hero status.

To learn more about his journey and and comeback story check out the #SuperAllan hashtag.


So come along for the ride as they document their journey of health and wellness

with all of life's complicated goodness in between.